BLOCK Interior Design Inc.





BLOCK Interior Design is a Calgary based studio focusing on workplace, wellness, retail, multi-family, and hospitality spaces in Western Canada. We provide thoughtful and innovative design solutions through inspired concepts, applied knowledge, and quality service. We approach design with a pragmatic, collaborative, and human centred perspective ensuring the form, function, and aesthetics of a space are all considered.


Building good relationships with our clients, consultants, and trade partners. We establish and maintain honest and open communication to ensure we deliver on what we promise. We believe in collaboration, and listen to our clients’ vision and work as a team to deliver expertise and solutions that are aligned with that vision.


Conducting good business that is beneficial for both our studio and our clients. We take pride in the quality of service that we offer and work hard to gain and maintain the trust of our clients and colleagues. We are transparent in our operations. We are experienced, professional, and reliable.


Creating good design that is a combination of aesthetics, functionality, longevity, and financial responsibility. Brand identity, culture, and values are also key drivers. Our experience, applied knowledge, and continual research and curiosity enables us to create designs that are both beautiful and innovative.




Alberta Minister of Health Office
Blackstone Industrial
Deerport Centre – Show Suite Planning, Morguard Corporation
Durisan Canada Inc. – Southland Lease Assist Planning, Morguard Corporation
Durisan Canada Inc. - RVBP Lease Assist Planning, Morguard Corporation
FSE Financial Relocation
Humford Offices
Morguard Property Management Office
Southland Park  Conference Centre
Scoular Company
Startec Compression + Process Solutions
Startec DC Renovation
Startec QC Area Renovation
Southland Park Show Suites 240, 888, 1010, 1040, Humford Management Inc.
Southland Park I Lobbies and Washrooms
Southland Park Atrium Modifications

Aveiro Sleep – Southport location
Aveiro Sleep – Parkdale location
The Core - +30 Corridor Revitalization, 20 Vic Management
Onyx + Ivory Hair Salon
Sculpt Aesthetics

Bolt Offsite – Linq Developments Multi-Family

Aveiro Sleep – Southport location
Aveiro Sleep – Parkdale location
Camma Management – Southport Family Practice
Onyx + Ivory Hair Salon
RVHC Massage Clinic Lease Assist Planning, NorthWest Healthcare Properties
Sculpt Aesthetics
Southland Park Fitness Centre

Thank you very much for all your efforts with the design and execution of our Southport location, and your diligence ensuring we stayed on schedule and minimization of costs. We couldn’t have done it without you and are incredibly happy with the end result. We look forward to working with you again soon to replicate this design in our other locations across the province.
— Brad Kossowan, Director of Operations, Aveiro Sleep